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We help grow your business; online and offline.

Personalized local print, graphic and web design services from an award-winning team.

  • Women-Owned
  • Community minded
  • Award-winning
Why Us?

cw creative vs. "online printers"

Everything you need to grow your business, online or offline

CW Creative Team

cw creative

  • Women-Owned
  • Based in Barre, Vermont
  • Community minded
  • Eco conscious
  • Focused on local economy
  • Dedicated local team
  • Attention to detail
  • High-quality
  • Award-winning
Generic Online Graphic

"online printers"

  • Majority Not Women-Owned
  • May be based in another country
  • Not community minded
  • Focus on profits over environment
  • Not focused on local economy
  • Little support and not dedicated
  • Lacking attention to detail
  • Inexpensive but lower quality
  • May have awards?

"We recently had a short run of digitally printed brochures done by CW and were super impressed with the quality and attention to detail. The quality was as good as if we had done this on huge offset machines, and we really appreciated the team's help in making the right stock and bindery choices. Was it more expensive than Sure, but buying locally from a company that puts a premium on quality and customer service is going to cost more. But the payback to our community's bottom line is priceless."

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Why Us?
Mollie Lannen
Creative Genius / President

Entrepreneur, graphic designer, programmer, volunteer, community activist and super-mom; this is Mollie Lannen. Born and raised in Barre, Vermont, Mollie has a drive to achieve in everything she undertakes.

Why Us?
Linda Aschnewitz

Linda's favorite activities include being "Noni" to her grand babies Claire and Ella, and relaxing at her pool with her husband Neil and their dogs Cosmo and Astro. Linda is also an artist and photographer.

Why Us?
Chelsea Routhier
Lead Graphic Designer

Chelsea has experience in both the fine art and graphic design worlds. While studying fine art at Johnson State, she discovered the illustration and graphic design program at Northern Vermont University. Seeing more opportunity she shifted her focus toward those mediums.

Why Us?
Jenna Dente
Print + Web Specialist

Jenna has always been interested in visual art, and spent probably more than their fair share of the household ink and paper as a child (someone had to make sure the color cartridges didn’t dry out) making short comics and flip books. When a family friend referred them to CW in 2013, they felt there couldn’t have been a better choice for their first job.

Why Us?
Gigi Somarriba
Customer Care Specialist

Gigi graduated from Boston University with a major in Anthropology. Art is her first love with science right behind as her second. She loves to draw, write, and sing but also enjoys learning about the ever baffling details of the human species.

Why Us?
Chelsea's sidekick

"Woof Woof woof, ruff. Woof woof."

"Woof Woof woof, ruff. Woof woof."

"Woof Woof woof, ruff. Woof woof. Bark."

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