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Lark Dente

Print + Web Specialist


Lark (previously Jenna) has always been interested in visual art, and spent probably more than their fair share of the household ink and paper as a child (someone had to make sure the color cartridges didn’t dry out) making short comics and flip books. When a family friend referred them to CW Creative in 2013, they felt there couldn’t have been a better choice for their first job.

Lark Dente (previously Jenna)

Lark pursued an Associates degree in Liberal Arts and Design from CCV the following year, and graduated in 2016.  They’ve also attended a multitude of Art and Writing centered programs over the years, including the Governor’s Institute, and the Champlain College Writers Conference.

The creative environment CW Creative presents, and the opportunity to learn more about graphic design never left Lark wanting for new avenues to explore.  It also meant that if artwork were left lying around, it would sometimes reappear printed almost as large as they were tall. 

One of the best things they’ve found about working in print is getting to see creations brought to life. 

“Seeing a project go from new idea to digital concept to physical creation is one of the best feelings. Bringing an idea from your mind to the physical world and having it look and feel the way it did in your head is really important for any kind of creative work: whether it’s traditional art, or a book you’re writing, or a logo for your business. It’s all about how things translate across the board, from idea, to reality.”

Most of Lark's free time is spent creating, though it’s normally of a more tactile sort.  “I really enjoy making things with my hands, making jewelry and hand-sewing clothing, it’s so gratifying to hold a finished product that you’ve put so much work into.” Their jewelry has been sold at local conventions, and the clothing is usually made for Renn Faire, Pride, or to add immersion to their D&D sessions.

Writing is where their main passion lies, and again it’s about taking everything out of their head and putting it into the world.  Creating entire worlds meant to draw you in, and people who feel so real they could step off the page. 

Their writing and occasional other creations can be found on Instagram @staticbard

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