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Why You Should Try to Incorporate the Holidays Into Your Marketing Efforts

Today it seems everybody is weaving the holiday spirit into their marketing campaigns, and I am sure you have noticed. While you may think this is little more than the commercialization of holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, it actually makes sense if you look at it with the right perspective.

Here are a few compelling reasons why incorporating holidays into your larger marketing efforts is such a good idea for both you and your customers.

They Make Your Campaigns Relevant and Timely

Marketing campaigns are all about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. In this regard, timeliness is key-- and even more so during the holiday season!

Indeed, a recent study shows that about one-third of shoppers reported  making one or more of their holiday weekend purchases because they were influenced by promotions they encountered.

Another study carried out in 2017 revealed that the average per person holiday spend reached $805.65 for that year.n It is clear that people are already looking for savvy and considerate marketers to give them the motivation to do what they already want to do--and that is spend.

As a marketer, there can hardly be a more motivating message you can give your customers during the holidays than, “I'm having a one day sale for the holidays and here are all the details you need to know".

But there is another, more profound reason why you absolutely should incorporate the holidays into your marketing efforts: Emotion.

Emotion is one of your biggest marketing collateral, and playing to its strengths makes perfect sense. You don’t want to merely create a connection with someone, you want to do so in way that will make the most impact from an emotional point of view.

And the best way to do that is to incorporate the holidays into your marketing efforts since during that period emotions run high.

Capitalizing on Emotion

Forget about yourself and look at things from your customer’s point of view for a second.

Your customer have spend a huge part of this year thinking about the holidays. They are devoting a significant portion of their day to getting ready for the Christmas season. They are looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends whom they may have lost touch with during the course of the year.

In other words, emotions are already running high during this period. You had zero to do with that; but it is your job to tap into it.

For your customer’s sake and for the sake of your business.

By making the effort to incorporate the season into your marketing campaigns you would be reaffirming the emotional connection you share with your customers. Even if you do nothing more than using holiday themed decor or extend sincere season’s greetings to your customer base, that would still go a long way towards connecting your brand to the emotions they are feeling at that moment.

And there’s nothing like being too early. 49% of marketers report starting their holiday campaigns before Halloween.

Given the above, it is clear that incorporating the holidays into your marketing is a great idea. Not only does your business require it, your customers expect it as well.


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