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Website trends we're looking forward to

Like fashion, design trends change with the times. When we take what we learn each year about how people interact with what we design and combine that information with the aesthetic choices of the season, we find new trends to follow in our website design. Here are just a few of the best trends we've seen so far and hope to see more of this year:

Desk setup with laptop, tablet, smartphone for responsive website design

1. Accessible text
Another inclusivity move that is both functional and beautiful is the moved toward accessible font sizes. When used properly, large text can become part of the design itself.

2. Gender neutrality
An intentional move toward gender neutrality language and away from hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine design motifs is just one of many moves toward inclusivity for all we love to see this year.

3. Art Deco
A beautiful, clean line artform, art deco was once popular in the 1920s and is making a resurgence for the 2020s. With sleek, repetitive shapes and lines, this art style can add class to any website.

4. Single-page websites
Although not the perfect solution for all business needs, the simplicity of a single-page site can make for a smoother user experience at a reduced cost - something we all love to see.


Design improves over time as we learn more about works best for user experience and interaction online. Don't let your website get left behind! Get started improving your website today with one of our expert designers.

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