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Ways to Protect Your Brand in the Real-Time Information Age

A brand is more than the logo you leave at the top of your website. It’s also bigger than any one product or service. Your brand is the sum total of all these things, plus the feelings which people get when they think about or interact with your company. It is what plays the deciding role in whether people choose to keep doing business with you or not.

Ways to Protect Your Brand

A brand also plays a key in determining the long term success of your marketing efforts. Brands leave an impression almost immediately, and 48% of customers testify that they are more likely to become loyal to a brand depending on their first interaction with the brand, and regardless of whether they actually made a purchase or not.

That makes the preservation of your brand integrity extremely important, particularly in this information age where information travels to millions of people with the click of a button. Your brand is one of the strongest factors capable of raising you above the noise that characterizes marketing in this information age.

Here are a few key things you can do to persevere this most precious of assets:

Consistency Is Key

One thing that one cannot over-emphasize is the need for consistency. According to one study, 90% of consumers expect their brand experience to be consistent across all channels, whether it be print, face-to-face, or digital channels like social media and websites.

Don’t Wait for Your Audience to Come to You

Another study reveals that you need about 5 to 7 positive brand impressions with a consumer before that positive image gets imprinted on their consciousness. This is all great, but you don’t have to wait for the customer to come to you before you engage them. In this information age you can meet them right where they are.

Also, brands that are consistent are 3 or 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility, so ensure they are reaching out to your audience in a manner that is consistent, enjoyable, and helpful whenever and wherever you can. Increase the amount of print marketing collateral you have in circulation among your target audience and focus on being helpful and informative.

The Unmistakable Benefits

The goal is to give people as many opportunities as possible to experience your brand; your entire business will benefit as a result. If brand visibility is akin to a numbers game, then you need to play those numbers as well you can. You’ve got to take matters in your own hands and meet those customers where they are.

Many benefits come with successful branding, and these is increased customer loyalty as your brand becomes better known and loved. You’ve also got to protect your brand as time goes on, lest those important relationships you cultivate with your customers begin to deteriorate.

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