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Using print marketing to earn repeat customers

Repeat customers can be a boon for your business - repeat customers are loyal customers who act as their own form of marketing by sharing your business to their family, friends, coworkers, and clients. Repeat customers increase your profit, your connection to the community, and respond well to direct marketing. Here are out top four ways to help you earn more repeat customers using print marketing:

Using print marketing to earn repeat customers

1. Loyalty programs

Aptly named, loyalty programs are a great step to building customer loyalty, and they're easy to do. Loyalty cards are cost effective to print and encourage the consumer to return for more points that add up to more rewards.

2. Direct mail

As we've discussed previously, print advertising is one of the most trusted marketing methods - 82% of consumers trust print ads the most when it's time to make a purchase. Direct mail does double duty by building trust and by reminding customers who have already purchased from you (and therefore joined a mailing list) about your services and discounts on those mails encourage them to come back.

3. Inserts

Inserts in bags at time of purchase or shipped packages are an easy way to encourage customers to return. Advertise sales, provide coupons, and draw consumers to your website with printed flyer or card you can easily include with purchases.

4. Promotional products

If you pick the right promotional product - something that customers will hang on to for a long time and actually use - you position your business's information to be readily available and on a customer's mind. Share practical gifts - pens, calendars, mugs, etc. - and your customers will always have your information nearby.


Print is one of the oldest and most trusted forms of marketing. Using print to your advantage can create loyal customers who return time after time. Contact us to get started with print marketing today.

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