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Top 5 Ways to Make an Eco-friendly Workplace

Top 5 Ways to Make an Eco-friendly Workplace

In honor of Green-Up Day this weekend, we thought we'd share some of our favorite tips on becoming eco-friendly!

More and more companies today are adopting the new trend of becoming more eco-friendly. And there are some incredible ways you could go about making your office more environmentally sustainable. Moderate methods for going green also exist though, and a company could easily adopt those to reduce their overall impact on the environment. Not only do these eco-friendly initiatives speak well of your company, they also benefit your employees and other stakeholders as well--yourself included.

 1. Limit Disposables

You might want to replace the plastic disposables with real cutlery and cups. People don’t appreciate the impact such a small change can have in terms of saving our environment. If you’ve got a shared kitchen at the office, one in which plastic and foam disposables are used, encourage your employees to go for real cutlery and mugs instead.

2. Ditch Bottled Water

Water bottles are one of the major issues with overfilled landfills; ditching them for better alternatives at the office can go a long way towards reducing the impact on our planet. So swap the many plastic water bottles in your office for a filtered water system or, at the very least, use larger bottles.

3. Use Recycled Materials

Whether it’s using recycled paper for your business cards or upcycling older office furnishing, there are many ways you can use recycled materials in your office and serve the environment. Incorporating recycled material into your office scheme allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Besides, it is a great way to show your customers and other people who show up at your office just how committed you are to the health of the environment.

4. Adjust Your Thermostat

A difference of 1 degree could save you hundreds or even thousands each year, based on the size of the office. And your employees are not likely to notice the difference. You may be even be surprised to find that they actually appreciate the slightly tempered temperature.

5. Swap Your Current Lightbulbs for Sustainable Alternatives

Most electrical appliances come with a tiny red standby light that glows brightly ensuring that even when the device is not in use electricity is being consumed...and that’s not the only way through which your appliances and bulbs are costing you money! Ensure to completely switch off appliances when they are not in use in order to save energy; or better switch to more eco-friendly appliances and light bulbs.


And there you have it: 5 easy ways to make your office more eco-friendly. These tips are likely to go unnoticed by staff even though they will benefit everybody and the planet.

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