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The meaning of color in design

Color adds a lot to a design, not just aesthetically but also meaning and interest. The feeling evocated by color stems from psychological effects, cultural differences, and biological conditions. It’s important to think about color in any design to not only increase visual appeal but also to evoke feelings in your viewers. Here are a few colors and their meanings to help guide you in your design work:

Red – passion, energy
Red is a bold color meant to be noticed. Think of stop signs, caution signs – all red to catch the eye, make people pay attention. Think of it as the “act now” color.

Blue – loyalty, trust
Blue is a relaxing color that can create a feeling of tranquility, depth and peace. Use blue when you want to build trust with your viewers.

Yellow – optimism, joy
Yellow, like the sun, is associated with happiness and cheer. Use yellow when you want to create a positive, uplifting feeling.

Pink – softness, sensitivity
Traditionally associated with femininity, pink can soften an image and invoke feelings of romance and love.


Color can be just as important as content in a design – color, in fact, can and should be considered part of the content. Ask yourself: what do I want to convey in this design? How do I want people to feel? Use that information to guide your color choices. Need help getting started? Contact one of our professional designers today.

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