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Strategies for Maximizing Your Existing Resources in Times of Paper Scarcity

Paper is an undeniable part of our lives that we often overlook. But a very real paper shortage began last year, and unfortunately it doesn't appear to be slowing in the near future. Let's explore why this has happened and how individuals can prepare for potential disruptions - knowledge is key during uncertain times!

Paper Scarcity

Understanding and Planning for the Paper Shortage

The Paper Shortage Issue

In recent years, some North American paper mills faced the challenge of keeping up with competitors as outdated infrastructure and ever-rising labor expenses collided with stringent environmental policies. Despite their best efforts to remain in operation, many eventually had to shut down shop for good.

In the years since COVID-19, many mills have pivoted from paper production to packaging. As a result, there has been an approximate 20% decrease in paper supply around the world and stockpiles are quickly diminishing as well. Restrictions on international trade due to bottlenecks of containers or ships means that US markets are unable to access materials made overseas – further compounding this relevant issue. These events ultimately elicit one unifying theme: increased global cooperation is necessary for ensuring resilient and dependable worldwide supply chains.

How the Paper Shortage is Impacting Businesses

Working with you to keep your project on track and within budget is our top priority. We understand that, while we strive for efficiency, the industry-wide drive in cost may result in a temporary surge of expenses along the way.

If you have an innovative project that requires a unique paper stock, don't wait to let us know - the faster we are aware of your needs and requirements, the more time there is for our team to source out those specialty materials so it can come alive!

If a project needs to be done in record time, we are here for you - our experts can offer quick and creative solutions tailored from existing resources!

Solutions to Mitigate Impact

Even in the face of a paper shortage, you can stay on top of your professional game with these strategies:

  • Planning ahead of time with appropriate lead times.

  • Maintaining clear communication throughout the entire printing process.

  • Considering recycled paper or other sustainable sources of paper

And here's what we are doing as a business and an industry:

  • Educating the public and encouraging participation in reforestation initiatives to replenish diminishing global forest cover and enhance biodiversity

  • Monitoring key supply chain features, such as production capacity, lead times, sourcing locations, and trade regulations to proactively identify areas of risk that could affect our operational performance

  • Analyzing pricing data to detect emerging supply and demand issues which may influence costs, so as to advise on potential strategies to mitigate against rising expenses

Although the paper shortage is a daunting challenge, it doesn't mean that print materials have lost their place in marketing and advertising strategies!

Despite the rapidly-growing prominence of digital media, beautifully crafted printed materials are still a powerful asset in any business' marketing and advertising strategy. By taking advantage of this unique opportunity to stand out from competitors, businesses can create an unforgettable impression with their creative print pieces!

Our team of talented professionals are here to bring your print visions to life. Reach out today and start the journey towards making a spectacular, one-of-a kind creation!

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