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Social Distancing Business Ideas - Post Two

Yesterday, we got started asking ourselves some important questions about moving forward in the uncertain and unexpected world we find ourselves in. Today, we're going to continue to dive into those questions and hopefully gain more insight and perspective on how to thrive as businesses in a time of  unprecedented levels of change.


2.) What content can I generate for social media and other marketing methods so I position my business better when this is over?

You will get a lot of these ideas while researching the answer to the previous question. Marketing is not going away - it is evolving, just like it always has. Marketing is how you show up. It is the tool you use to position your business, to find new clients, and to stay connected to existing ones. You might not have a huge marketing fund right now, but that’s okay. You can ease your way back into it, just start the planning process now. 

If your business is not active on social media, pick ONE channel and get on it now. I recommend picking the social media channel you are most comfortable with, or, investigate what channel your client base uses and consider if you are willing to learn to use it effectively. What matters most is that you choose one and rock it.  Social media is a powerful piece of your marketing puzzle. When your business starts picking back up and you really don’t “have time” to manage the social media it’s something you can delegate or automate with relative ease (I have some recommendations for this, let me know when you get there!) 

Color Butterflies and Woman Eye, mixed media

Let’s talk about the other marketing tools you have at your disposal - maybe ones you’ve never considered. When I think about a marketing plan, I think about all five senses - how can you reach your potential customers in ways that resonate with them? That means radio for them to hear your message, printing so they can touch your message, digital media so they can see your message. Now’s the time to start generating your messaging. 

What I hear consistently from my clients during “normal times” - they want to use marketing to grow their business, but they don’t have the time to create their marketing messages. Now is that time. 

Is it time for a brand refresh? Hire a graphic designer who specializes in this (graphic designers are able to work remotely right now and I have recommendations to some great ones when you are ready.) If you can’t afford a graphic designer right now, start planning for what you want your new branding to feel like so you have all of your ideas ready for when you can hire one. 

Perhaps your printed materials need a refresh - this is the kind of work we can do right now! New business cards will be key - when we go back out and start interacting with people, your business card is going to be your new handshake (I don’t think handshakes are coming back - hopefully hugs will though!). People are at home - you can reach them through direct mail, and we can help you plan for this too. After such a long period of isolation, people are going to value the physical even more (whether that’s a printed catalog or a hug).

What is your radio messaging going to say when you reopen? You can do the scripting for that now. You can start planning a website refresh - your website is now your storefront, even when things “go back to normal”. You can start writing blogs for your website. You can start making video content. You can start your email mailing list. If you need help with any of these things - radio, content writing, websites - I can help you find someone who is an expert in those things.


We still have a lot of questions to cover this week, but I hope this has given you a place to start. It's important for us all right now to take whatever steps we can, even the smallest of them, to keep moving forward and not lose sight of our goals. I hope to continue to provide some informative and insightful discussion to inspire us all to stay strong and stay focused, and I hope you will continue with me on this journey as we answer additional questions during the remainder of the week. Stay safe, stay strong and stay well.

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