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Social Distancing Business Ideas - Post Three

Today we'll be continuing our discussion of the questions brought up in my initial post. As always, I endeavor to answer these questions as thoughtfully and thoroughly as possible, so let's get started on today's topic.

Time to Adapt


3.) How can I generate income using the knowledge in my head, without producing a physical product or service?

You might not be able to use your equipment right now - whether your equipment is a cement mixer, a pair of scissors, or just your hands.

You should recognize that you have something valuable inside your head - knowledge that can potentially generate income in a digital word, potentially even after you resume your physical work

For my business, for example, I realized that we can put more knowledge out into the world for free, and then charge for our print design expertise. 

I’ve also seen bakers pivot to offering online baking workshops, massage therapists and life coaches offer virtual health sessions, and fitness instructors offer online classes. 


The business world is filled with ups and downs, even at the best of times. We face a great challenge as a community and I hope you will find the strength and fortitude to continue to grow and find joy in your business even in these trying times. Please visit us again tomorrow as we continue this journey together.

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