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Social Distancing Business Ideas - Post Four

This week we've been discussing the state of the business world, and the questions that come along with the many changes and challenges we're all facing. This discussion has included some mentions of social media and marketing, but today we'll be looking more in depth about the purpose of marketing: staying in touch with consumers and clients.

i miss you

4.) How can I stay connected with my clients from afar? (How can I thank my clients so they know I’m thinking of them?)

This question is one I work with regularly, not just during our current climate. I love my clients and appreciate them so much - how can I tell them, how can I show them? For me, staying connected with my clients goes hand-in-hand with thanking them.

Here are my favorite ways to thank and connect with clients that almost any business can use:

  • Send a handwritten thank you card. If you don’t have branded thank you cards, please contact us today to get these in motion for you! You can also have stamps delivered directly to your door, just order them through 
  • Send a personalized email. Not a marketing email, not through mailchimp or any of those platforms. You'd be amazed what a basic email, written by you for them personally, can mean to someone. Even something as simple as "Hey Bob, I was thinking about you today. How are things?"
  • Shout out to them on social media.
  • Send them a thoughtful gift out of the blue.
  • Start or utilize your e-newsletter list. If you don’t have a list yet, email your customers *individually* and ask them if they’d like to receive your e-newsletter. Tell them what to expect from it and how often they will get an email this way. Ask them how they want to stay connected with you. 
  • Offer free consultations and check-ins via whichever web conferencing platform you're most comfortable with


As always, I hope some of these ideas resonated and inspired you. Living and managing a business can feel overwhelming right now, and it is my aim to provide a starting point from which you can jump off. We still have questions to cover this week, and I hope you will continue to join me on that journey. Stay safe, stay strong and stay well.

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