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Self-Care While You Are Working

This time of year, we are all busy. Preparing for our taxes, for ongoing projects and the new ones cropping up. For a lot of people, that means very little time to get done what is most important, let alone making time for self-care. But taking good care of yourself in these moments is not only especially important but easy too! Here are our top tips for self-care even when you are busy, even while you are at work (and even if you are working from home)!

Self-Care While You Are Working

1. Take breaks
Taking a 15-minute break every few hours or even finding time for lunch away from your desk can seem like a daunting if not impossible task, but giving your mind and body a break from work can spark creativity and help you refocus on your most critical tasks. If you struggle to force yourself to take breaks or if you get so engrossed in your work you even forget to take breaks, consider using the pomodoro method to keep you on track.

2. Be social
Humans are social creatures and connecting with others can help us relax and enjoy our time more. If you have co-workers, take a minute each day to talk with them face-to-face and not just via email, maybe even consider taking your breaks together! If you work alone, creating a social connection can be especially difficult so make sure you take the time to communicate with your non-work friends through social media, texting or a video platform like Zoom. (It's also okay if your "co-workers" right now are your kids, significant other, and/or your fur kids. Be social with them too.)

3. If you're sick, stay home
Too many of us go into the office when we're feeling under the weather - sometimes its because a pressing project is coming due or because we don't want to burden our coworkers, but truthfully staying home when you're not well is the best thing you can do for yourself and for the people around you. By staying home and taking care of yourself, you're likely going to reduce the duration or severity of your illness and you lower the risk of getting your coworkers sick. Taking time off when you need it isn't selfish, sometimes its the best thing you can do. When you are already working from home, sometimes this means not turning on your computer and taking time to rest. 

There are so many ways to take care of yourself at work and beyond, these are just a few of our favorites. We hope these help you find what's right for you!

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