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Print Advertising Feels Like Printing Money

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could print your own money? Your life would certainly change, but unfortunately not for the better. Luckily there’s something else you could do that takes you as legally close as you can go towards printing money: print advertising!

Print Advertising Is Like Printing Your Own Money

There are some things that are hard to explain but easy to recognize once you see them; one of these is Good Advertising.

Good advertising can go a long way towards deciding the success of your business. Whether it is a heartfelt image or a tagline that perfectly captures an idea, there is something about great advertising that has a way of moving and motivating you towards action.

Good print advertising especially can inspire you to adopt change, donate to a cause, or simply make a purchase that you otherwise may not have considered. Unlike digital advertising, print advertising can be felt and looked over once taken out of the mailbox. They can also be locally targeted so that you send out messages that forge a connection more profound than any digital ad can create.

Just think: every time someone sees your printed ad and decides to go in and make a purchase, you are essentially printing your own money. Without the ad you printed, these customers may have never heard about your product or service, talk less of making a purchase.

You Like What You See, You Buy What You Like

Imagine this; you’re walking down the street, maybe after just finishing a coffee with a friend and you’re heading back to your car. You’re watch says you are still on time to pick your kids up from school. You raise your head and your eyes meet a poster for a brand new product offered by a nearby boutique. You can’t take your eyes off the printed advertisement; you think it’s incredible. How come nobody else had thought of that before? You pull out your phone and quickly take a photo of the advertisement so that you remember to pick up the item later.

window shopping

That’s the power of print advertisement. People pay little attention to online ads, and TV commercials are usually on while the viewer is off grabbing another beverage from the kitchen. Print ads, on the other hand, are there regardless of what the target is doing and how often they pass by it. And every time someone sees the advertisement and makes a purchase, you’ve just printed more of your own money.

So what’s holding you back? You can start printing your own money today in the form of print advertising!

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