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Letters or Postcards: A Great Direct Mail Debate

There are many decisions to be made when designing your direct mail marketing campaign (why use direct mail marketing? Check out these statistics to find out!) and perhaps none are more important than choosing between the two major forms of direct mail pieces: letters or postcards. It might seem easy to just slap a stamp on an envelope containing your letterhead, but the choice is a little more complex. Consider these factors when making your decision:


Letters vs Postcards

1. Cost
Pound for pound, there's no question postcards come out on top of this category. Since a traditionally sized postcard is lighter and smaller than a standard letter, you will save yourself a lot on postage by choosing that option. Another factor to consider in the cost, however, is the price of designing a postcard, printing it double-sided and most likely in color. A sheet of single-sided black and white letterhead might save you cost in printing, so it's important to consider both options (want to know right now? request a quote today)

2. Audience
Postcards might be the lighter more affordable option at the Post Office, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Postcards have the advantage of having an eye-catching exterior but letters have a polished, professional vibe giving your message an air of importance. If your direct mail is going out to businesses or long-term customers that are familiar with your business, letters are more likely to be opened and considered.

3. Images vs Text
Is your marketing heavily-image dependent? If so, postcards may be the way to go because they put those images directly in front of your customers instead of the blankness of a white envelope. If your marketing is more text-based or information-heavy, however, a letter is a great way to communicate that information.

There are so many choices that go into a direct mail marketing campaign but we make it easy! Contact us to get started today!

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