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How to decrease turnover at your small business

Finding and keeping great employees is essential for every business but is easier said than done. How does a small business stay competitive in today’s labor market and keep employees engaged? Here are our favorite tips on decreasing turnover and maintaining a happy workforce.

How to decrease turnover at your small business

1. Offer Flexibility

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that flexibility is essential for success. Everyone values the ability to take care of their homes and family and allowing for flexibility around schedules provides the opportunity for work-life balance we can all find satisfying.

2. Compensate fairly

If an applicant or employee can find better benefits elsewhere, why wouldn’t they? Providing adequate and competitive wages for your area is key to recruiting and maintaining the best workers for your positions. Regular raises, bonuses, and benefits will make your employees feel appreciated and less likely to seek work elsewhere.

3. Provide room for growth

Even happy employees can become bored or start to feel stagnant. Offering new opportunities, challenges, job titles, and projects can keep employees engaged and fulfilled.

4. Offer verbal praise

Everyone likes to hear they’re doing a good job. Making sure your employees know they have your approval and appreciation for their efforts on large or difficult tasks can help them know their worth.


Turnover can be detrimental to any business but its often small business that suffer the most. Fortunately, just a little extra effort can make all the difference in keeping your small business well-staffed for a long time.

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