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Finding Your Print Marketing Target Audience

The last thing you want is for your marketing dollars to go to waste by failing to focus your advertising. Get started focusing your marketing by finding your target audience using these 5 steps:

One targeted person among many others

1. Determine who already buys from you
Take a look at your current customers - what are their demographics? Age, location, gender and more. By understanding your current audience, you can extrapolate out to what types of people are looking for your product or services.

2. Check the competition
If you can, find out who is buying from your major competitors and who those competitors are targeting with their marketing.

3. Conduct surveys
Conduct surveys on social media and with your current client base - either through a formal survey or by simply asking customers their preferences when they make a purchase.

4. Be flexible
Many things in business are ever changing and that may include your target audience! Keep an eye out for changes in your customer base over time and as you release new products or services.

5. Use marketing metrics
Do some reason or let one of our skilled marketing professionals do it for you! Find out what works for your industry based on research and surveys conducted by others in your field.


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