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Empower Yourself as a Leader through Personal Responsibility

Embracing personal responsibility is at the heart of successful leadership – it motivates others to accept responsibility themselves and fosters loyalty, comradery, and respect. Despite the frequent assumption that leaders are inherently ambitious and selfish, the best leaders in any field embrace responsibility – not just for themselves but for their team and encourage those team members to do the same. The road to personal responsibility is not always an easy one – especially when it means accepting and learning from mistakes but it’s a worthwhile pursuit for anyone looking to take on a leadership role. Here are a few ways you can get started embracing personal responsibility today:

1. Set clear expectations so everyone involved understands what needs to happen at all times. This kind of accountability ensures no one gets left behind or feels like their contribution doesn't matter.

2. Be flexible. Recognize your own responsibilities, the responsibilities and schedules of others and leave room for adaptability if necessary.

3. Learn from mistakes – both your own and others. Mistakes happen under even the best of conditions. Rather than ignoring mistakes or playing the blame game, accept when a mistake has been made and use it as an opportunity to learn.

4. Celebrate successes. Don’t just focus on negatives or checking things off a list – when you or your team accomplish something, recognize, and celebrate it.


Leadership can be equal parts challenging and rewarding and embracing personal responsibility is one of the first steps in becoming a successful leader worthy of loyalty and respect.


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