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Debunking Direct Mail Myths

Debunking Direct Mail Myths

We discuss a lot on this blog the value of direct mail but let's talk about some common misconceptions made about direct mail and correct them.

1. Direct mail isn't worth it

Print is one the most trusted sources in the eyes of the consumer, so direct mail already starts with an advantage. Customers are also overwhelmed with advertising online and may only receive a few direct mail pieces monthly, so you have a higher chance of standing out in the mailbox.

2. Online advertising is better than direct mail

While there's nothing wrong with online advertising, it, quite literally, doesn't hold the same weight as a direct mail piece. A mailer is something tangible for a customer to hold on to and revisit later while an internet ad may be viewed for only a few seconds.

3. Email is more effective

In reality, 80% of consumers take immediate action upon receiving direct mail while only 45% of email recipients take action. If you want to be effective, direct mail is the winner.

4. Young consumers don't want direct mail

Studies show that 95% of consumers ages 18-29 respond positively to direct mail - perhaps because it stands out from online ads.

5. Direct mail can't be tracked

Just like online advertising, direct mail can be tracked via the use of QR codes, specific coupon codes, and more.


Direct mail is one of the most effective uses of your marketing dollars. Get started on your direct mail campaign with one of our expert designers today!

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