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CW: A sneak peek into our new brand!

Hi, it’s Mollie Lannen, president of CW. I’m super excited to give you a sneak peek look into our newest evolution of CW: CW Creative. 

We are dropping the Print + Design and exchanging it for a name that better represents the services we offer, which is not strictly limited to print and design. We help our clients build their businesses online and offline, by creatively leveraging print and digital marketing strategies. Our new name and brand will help us better be able to pivot as our world continues to change. 

Of course, there are things that aren’t changing - our team is still here to stay, and they have been leveling up their skills to better serve our clients. 

Other things, as you have probably noticed, are changing. Over the last few years we have cut back on some services that had little demand and did not allow us to focus on projects for our clients. During this same time, we have added other services that add value for our small business and nonprofit clients, such as web design, direct mail, and digital marketing. 

You will see us transition from CW Print + Design to CW Creative over the next month or so - signage will be changing, the red and blue will disappear, and we will be shedding anything that isn’t serving us and our clients in the best way. 

A very exciting change is that soon a brand new online experience will be unveiled. We have been working very hard to find an online ordering experience that will be simple and smooth for our clients. This new website will allow you to more easily order online, and will have access to tens of thousands of template designs so you can take control of your design needs when you want to.

This new website will empower you to have more control over your print projects. And, when a template doesn’t quite fit, our team of graphic designers can help you take your design to a new level. 

We are excited to bring this new version of CW to you. Thank you for being a part of the CW Creative experience. 

Questions? Concerns? I welcome your feedback:

A Preview of Our New Online Ordering & Online Design Tools

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