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Creating Color Balance within Your Designs

We all know that color affects us - our moods, our emotions, what catches our eye and what doesn't - so how can we use color to make effective designs that appeal to a wide audience? The answer is through choosing the right colors and balance between those colors in our design work. Here are some basics to get you started on the color journey that is right for your brand and design.

The Basics of Color Theory
Let's talk about the color wheel! The color wheel is a simple and effective way to think about and visualize colors and can help you determine a color palette that works best for what you are designing. The color wheel is separated into primary colors (blue, yellow and red), secondary colors from combining the primary colors (green, orange, purple) and tertiary colors made by combining the primaries and secondaries (yellow-orange, red-orange, etc.). Colors opposing each other on the color wheel (such as purple and yellow) are complementary colors, meaning they provided the sharpest contrast and can really "pop" vibrantly off the page. Bisecting the color wheel also separates "warm" colors (yellows, reds, and oranges) from "cool" colors (greens, blues, and purples).

When choosing a palette for your design, consider choosing all colors from a single side (warm or cool) as these colors naturally appeal together. Also, consider using just one or two bold or complementary colors that will stand bright against the other colors in your palette. Another great way to create a palette that comes together organically is to choose a photo with an appealing aesthetic and lift the palette directly from the colors present there.

Here are a few of our personal favorite palettes that convey different moods to get you started on your color journey: 

1. Colors of the Sea
Evokes: tranquility, freedom

2. Cozy & Warm
Evokes: warmth, stability

3. Nothing but Neutral
Evokes: sophistication, practicality


We hope you enjoyed this little foray into the dynamics of color in design! 

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