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COVID19 Update - May, 2021

We know that other businesses around us have opened at a different pace than us.

At CW Print + Design, we have had the luxury of being able to complete *most* of our core services with our storefront locked. While we miss seeing people in-person, we do not need walk-in traffic to survive. By offering online ordering options, delivery and shipping options, curbside pickup hours, and in-person self-service appointments, we have maintained the health and safety of our team and community while keeping our full staff employed during the pandemic.

We have carved out our own slice of a "new normal" and have been fully functional inside our doors, helping numerous Vermont businesses and nonprofits with their essential communication needs.


We have a plan on how to reopen our storefront. What is not clear is when this plan starts and how quickly it will progress.

What we do know for sure is that we need to be fully vaccinated. Our team is young, and we have been patiently waiting for our turn. I am happy to inform you that as of this writing, all of our team members have had the opportunity to get their first dose of the vaccine. Our second rounds will be completed in June, and so after waiting the recommended 14-days after the second dose, we anticipate being fully vaccinated by the end of June.

While other stores are announcing lifting mask mandates, we know we need to wait and re-open slowly. Even once our team is fully vaccinated, we have people in our families who are unable to get vaccinated. 

When we do unlock our doors, be aware that, like many others, our business has evolved over the last year and some things will be different. Some things are temporary (like barriers and masks). Some things are not (like the discontinuation of faxing services). 

We ask your continued patience while we all work through this next transition together. 

Pop-up Copying

In the meantime, our *FREE* black-and-white pop-up copying will resume on the sidewalk on North Main Street when weather allows on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1pm to 4pm. 

Thank you!

Please remember to be kind. Yelling, swearing, and otherwise being rude or intimidating to our team will not be tolerated. We have experienced too much of this over the last year and it has only served to make us more cautious of reopening to the public. 

Our message has not changed since March 2020: Please continue to make safe choices for your health and those around you.

As always, we welcome any questions or feedback you may have and thank you so much for your continued support.

Wondering how we are tackling copying, printing, scanning, etc ? Turns out we can do a lot of stuff virtually! Learn more from our Covid FAQ we released last April. 

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