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COVID19 Update - June, 2021 - Soft Reopening!

Soft-Reopening June 22nd 9am to 4pm

We are grateful that we are able to reopen at a pace that allows our team and our clients to enter a "new normal" in a cautious way. Unlike when we had to lock our storefront to the public with little to no notice, we are going to reopen at a pace that allows us to pivot as we move into this next phase. 

For our soft-reopening, we are excited to unlock our doors on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 4pm, starting on Tuesday June 22nd. 

We plan to keep these hours for a few weeks as we feel out the changes we have implemented at our store over the last year-and-a-half and introduce a new CW to you over the next couple of months. 

Safety Measures

We are excited and proud that Vermont has reached its goal of 80% vaccinated and many of the restrictions have been lifted! This news is so fantastic for so many of our small business clients who have been gravely impacted by the pandemic restrictions. We hope that this threshold will help keep unvaccinated individuals safe. Our team is vaccinated, but we have friends and family in our immediate circles that are unable to be vaccinated, so we will continue to proceed cautiously. On this note, we have some safety measures in place that may not align with every other business.

  • Masks are required. Kindly wear your mask when you come to visit us. We will be wearing ours too. We will also have free ones available for you should you forget yours.
  • Barriers are up. We have plastic barriers separating the customer and employee spaces. 
  • We have hand sanitizer everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. 
  • Social distancing. Let's keep a safe amount of space since we cannot know who is vaccinated and who is not. Plus, let's face it - we aren't ready to get that close yet. This will be a journey. 
  • Stay home if you are sick. This is a rule from before the pandemic - if you are feeling under the weather, we have plenty of options to help you remotely - online ordering, curbside pickup, delivery. 
  • Be kind. We can't guarantee we won't be socially awkward at first, but we will be kind and expect the same from you. 

Do-It-Yourself Options

As we have alluded to, some of our services have changed. When we reopen, we will not be offering same-day / on-demand services. This means you have two choices when you come into our store. The first is to do-it-yourself. We have a variety of equipment to assist in this endeavor, so depending on your goals and comfort level, we will have a solution for you! In our next post, we will outline all of these options, including how-to-videos for each. 

New Project Drop-Off

If our do-it-yourself options will not work for your project, the second option is to drop-off your project with our team for a future pickup. Most drop-off projects can be picked up during curbside hours as early as the next day. 

Completed Project Pick-Up

When you have been notified that your project is complete and ready for pickup, you can choose to pick up during our standard curbside hours (Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm), or you can pick up during our open hours, just as you would pre-pandemic. 

Thank you!


We will release more details this week as we prepare our store for your arrival starting June 22nd. As always, we welcome any questions or feedback you may have and thank you so much for your continued support.

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