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COVID19 Response - March 23, 2020

Business as usual in unusual circumstances.

Things are changing, rapidly. Businesses around us and all over the nation are closing and changing rapidly. We want to stay open and working, but we need your help.

As of this writing, March 23, 2020, our storefront remains open but limited. Per government recommendations for everyone's health and safety, we are limiting any close contact. Therefore, our storefront is now limited to:

  1. Self Service / DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solutions. We have been working on upgrade our self-service experience for over a year, and are excited that our new equipment should be up and running by the end of day March 23rd. Our new upgrade here will allow customers to copy, print, scan and pay without any need for our team. In order to make these solutions as easy as possible for you to use, we are developing videos and instructional posters. There may be some learning curve but we assure you - this is something you can do yourself. If doing it yourself worries you, this is a sign that you should not come to our store at this time. Please utilize email and online ordering
  2. Pre-order pickup. If you have ordered a project and decided to pick it up (please, please, please, consider having your project shipped!), we will be moving the pickup drawers into the self service area. You will be given a drawer number so you can pick up your project.
  3. We will only be accepting credit card payments (and online payments) in order to further reduce contact. 

Important Notes and Updates:

  1. You do not need to come to our store. Please order online, via email, phone, text, Facebook Messenger, etc and have your project shipped. Please see our original post for more details.
  2. If you are considered to be in the category of vulnerable population, PLEASE, stay home. Please prioritize if your project is worth the added risk of leaving your house (it probably isn't). Don't be that kid in kindergarten who won't listen and now everyone is losing recess time. 
  3. Maintain social distance of at least six feet between you and other human beings (both in our store and everywhere else). For reference, our counter is 3 feet deep. If you stay one-and-a-half feet back on your side, and we stay stay one-and-a-half feet away on our side, we will be at a safe distance. We plan to stay at least three feet back from the counter, just to be safe. From this distance we can still waive, talk, and even do jazz hands. 
  4. We are removing all common-area tools - such as paper trimmers, staplers, paper clips, pens, tape, and even our free coffee station. If you need any of these items while you use our self-service area please ask. This is so there are less objects for us to sanitizer between customers. 
  5. Disinfect / Sanitize. There will be hand sanitizer in the self service area. Please use it before you touch anything. And use it again before you leave. And wash your hands when you get home.  We are disinfecting everything between each client as well. 
  6. Look with your eyes, not with your hands. It is impossible for us to disinfect everything you touch if you are touching everything. 
  7. Supply chain - as of right now, we have received word from some suppliers that they are ceasing or reducing operations. This may impact your timeline, and if so we will let you know.

Please, above all, be safe.  We are evaluating our policies on a daily basis. We are anticipating reducing store hours or locking our doors all together in the coming weeks. We want to work. We want to stay healthy. We want our families to stay healthy. We want you to stay healthy. We will adapt as needed to achieve these things. 

To all of our small business clients

We feel you. You are not alone. Change is scary. Layoffs are scary. Being unprepared is scary. Being prepared is scary. Pivoting your business is scary. Working from home - scary. Homeschooling - scary. Closing your business - either from your own decision or by mandate - is absolutely scary. Do not let fear overpower your resiliency, kindness and positivity. Take space - physical space as required to flatten the curve, and mental space to reset your mindset. Now is the time to plan your course. 


Do you have other concerns not addressed here? Please contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have. 

This is an update to our previous release regarding our process for COVID-19 which we published on March 16th. Please read that here.

COVID19 - Social Distancing

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