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COVID19 Response - March 16, 2020

Social distancing in response to COVID-19 is hard. Safety is a must. Humans, us introverts included, are social individuals. We are trying to find a balance ourselves and wanted to let you know what our plan is at CW Print + Design. 

We print things. Physical things. We have printers and we need to use them in order to do our work. Those are facts. So as of this writing, we are not working remotely as the majority of our job is not compatible with this form of social distancing. What we are doing is finding what aspects of our work can be completed while contributing to social distancing. 

  1. You do not need to come to our store. We have online forms for ordering, email, live chat, text, phone and more for communicating and sending files. When your job has been completed, you can pay online and we can ship it to you. Depending on the size of your projects, shipping is $5-15. We will utilize Green Mountain Messenger for more urgent jobs that need to be delivered in Vermont - this fee is $18 for most projects. On projects over $250 we will waive that fee. 
  2. If you must come in to the store, we are practicing safe habits, including hand washing, hand sanitizer, and cleaning/sanitizing surfaces. We prefer that you pay with credit card or check to limit touch points. For copying, we are recommending you use our self-service stations. The self service stations are being disinfected between customers. If you are considered to be in the category of vulnerable population, PLEASE, stay home. 
  3. Faxing can be done digitally! Email us your documents, your contact info, and fax number. We will then email your total and you can pay online or over the phone, then we will send your fax, and you can stay safely at home.
  4. Design and print project consults can happen virtually via video conferencing
  5. We have digital proofing tools - including virtual video conferencing.
  6. As of 3/16/2020 we are operating our normal hours. We are a small team. As this progresses, we may need to shift our storefront hours. Those changes will be posted on our website and all of our social media channels. 
  7. Supply chain - as of right now, there are not major concerns about our supply chain - e.g. materials we need to print things. Changes to this are outside of our control. We will be mindful to keep clear communication open if any supply chain delay will affect your project and will actively find solutions as needed. 

Do you have other concerns not addressed here? Please contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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