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Covid19 Response - June 29, 2020 - Announcing Self-Service Appointments

Now Accepting Self-Service Appointments

We will begin a partial reopening of our physical storefront on July 13th via self-service appointments. You may reserve your appointment by emailing us:

We will offer 30-minute appointment slots at 9am, 10am and 11am on weekdays, allowing us time to clean and disinfect between customers. During your appointment, you will be welcomed into our self-service area where we will have a fully contained self-service copier/printer/scanner for you to use. We are really excited about this new copier, it is powered by an EFI M-600 portal, which will allow you to pay, copy, print and/or scan direct at the machine. The new system is very easy to use, we know you'll love it as much as we do. 

  • Appointments are available Monday through Friday at 9am, 10am or 11am and will last up to a half hour.
  • There is a $5 reservation fee, due at the time of booking. This fee helps us cover the expenses incurred with the safety, setup, and cleaning process involved with offering this new service. 
  • This is for self-service only. Our team will only be available to assist you if the equipment malfunctions. 
  • You will be able to print, copy and scan, in color or black and white. We will send you an instructional video to watch prior to your appointment.
  • Pricing is estimated as follows: Color 49 cents each; Black and White 20 cents each.
  • Credit card is the only payment type accepted.
  • Masks are REQUIRED. If you do not bring a mask, we will provide you with one. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available

What to expect during your appointment:

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment. Early access will not be granted and you cannot stay past your appointment time. 
  • Call from your vehicle when you arrive. You will be asked a series of basic screening questions to help ensure your safety and that of our team. If you are sick, or have been exposed to someone sick, please call ahead to reschedule your appointment.
  • Our team will unlock the back door so you can enter the self-service area. Please note, this door will remain unlocked during your appointment and you'll be able to leave at any time. This also means that there is a potential that an unauthorized customer may attempt to enter the store. We will have ample signage and barricades to help prevent this, and anyone who shows up without an appointment will be asked to leave.
  • We will have the following supplies available for you during your appointment: Scotch tape; Stapler; Paper-trimmer; Correction fluid. We will sanitize these supplies between customers. There will also be a pen for you to use and take home with you.  

Questions? Concerns? Please contact us and we'll do our best to help!

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