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Common graphic design mistakes to avoid

Graphic design is all about creativity but even experienced designers can fall into common traps that make your designs less effective when printed. Here are the most common ones to watch out for:

1. Centering everything
Centering text seems to make sense but in practice can make reading difficult because of jagged edges on both sides of the text. Use a hard left or hard right margins in blocks of text to make your design easier to read.

2. Not using enough white space
It is possible to over design and sometimes the blank space is more important than the space with information. Readers need visual breaks in order to process information, so don't overload your design.

3. Inconsistent branding
Branding is one of the most important aspects of your marketing. To avoid confusion, don't vere too far from what your customers know and identify with your business. 

4. Overuse or misuse of colors
Color sets the tone of your design. Don't overwhelm your audience by using too many or clashing colors. A simple palette is almost always best.

There's a lot of room for creativity in graphic design but when designing for business, keep your goal in mind: a beautiful visual that will draw your audience in. Looking for an expert to make your print materials a success? Get started with one of our professional graphic designers today!

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