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Changes to Architectural Printing Services

Oce Plotwave 300

Hi friends - 

I'm writing today with some important news about our architectural printing services.

Effective immediately, we are needing to discontinue our black and white architectural printing services. :(

Sadly, our Oce Plotwave 300 - which has served us diligently - has passed away, tragically just shy of her 12th birthday (That's about 120 years old in printer years). She requires repair but has aged out of repairable status and we have made a business decision to not replace it.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of this sad news. We will be hosting a proper Celebration of Life service for our Oce over on TikTok and Instagram next month. If you have any kind words you'd like us to read as part of her eulogy, please send them to me by email:

P.S. We will still be offering color architectural printing services which utilizes a separate piece of equipment.

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