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Capture attention with print presentations

It’s been over a year of working primarily remotely for a lot of employees. Many of us have sat through more slide decks, PowerPoints, Prezis and more than we can bear to think about. The barrage of digital content has been non-stop for those meeting almost exclusively via Zoom, Teams or other virtual platforms and it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out from that crowd. These alone is a great reason to make the switch back to print presentations and materials, if nothing other than to stand apart, but there are more reasons than just that to make the switch. Here are our top reasons for providing print presentations:

1. Digital overload
Zoom fatigue is real. Many of us do the majority of our jobs from in front of computer nowadays and follow it up by spending our free time in front of devices as well. Many people hit the level of digital overload only months into the pandemic and can hardly be expected to give yet another digital presentation their full, undivided attention. Give them a printout to go hand and hand with that presentation, however, and you may find they’re more attentive, more likely to take note and therefore more likely to retain the information disseminated.

2. Digital content has the potential to be manipulated
It may seem unlikely, but the fact of the matter is that digital content can be easily manipulated and changed. Any slidedeck without a fully encrypted form of protection, including those converted to PDF format before distribution, can be tampered with. If maintaining the integrity of your presentation is of the utmost importance to you, providing printed copies of that presentation can be an efficient way to safeguard its content.

3. The tangibility of print
At the end of a presentation, you might send out a digital copy of your slides and hope the participants will use it for reference later. The chances of that happening, though, are not as good as you might hope. Unlike presentations delivered in-person with printed materials provided, digital copies of presentations often live in emails indefinitely, are deleted to create space or are saved to a hard drive to be ignored. Physical materials, however, are likely to be saved because individuals typically keep their own notes on these copies thus giving those copies higher value because they include data that has already been interpreted in a useful way by their user. We are tactile creatures and having something physical in front of us that we can write on and refer to later can be the difference between useful knowledge and forgettable digital noise.


In the end, printed presentations, especially those using quality design and provided on high-quality paper, stand out in our digital world. Make yourself and your presentation memorable by going beyond virtual and into the physical world. Need help getting started with printed presentations? Contact us today.

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