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Using print marketing to earn repeat customers

Repeat customers can be a boon for your business - repeat customers are loyal customers who act as their own form of marketing by sharing your business to their family, friends, coworkers, and clients. Repeat customers increase your profit, your connection to the community, and respond well to direct marketing. Here are out top four ways to help you earn more repeat customers using print marketing.

4 Benefits of Promotional Calendars

Promotional calendars don’t typically make it onto lists of the top marketing products, but they probably should. Promotional calendars have many benefits – some obvious and some hidden. Here are our top reasons to make promotional calendars part of your marketing plan.

5 ways to generate more response to your marketing

Marketing can sometimes feel like shouting into the abyss - is anyone out there? Is anyone listening? But you don't have to waste your time, effort, and money on marketing that doesn't see a response. Here are our top tips for ensuring your marketing efforts are worth the work.

Modern Employee Appreciation

A common mistake made by management, especially as workers return to work, is not showing appreciation for their employees or using the wrong methods to show gratitude. Despite how easy can be, pizza parties are not always the right employee appreciation gesture. A better was to show gratitude is to make your employees feel appreciated, and here are our top ways to do that.

5 Marketing Pieces Every Business Needs

In an ideal world, we would all have an unlimited budget with which to purchase every marketing product of our dreams. The reality is, however, that marketing budgets are finite and must be used efficiently. We've put together a list of what we consider the essential marketing pieces every business needs to help you get the most of your marketing dollars.

How to decrease turnover at your small business

Finding and keeping great employees is essential for every business but is easier said than done. How does a small business stay competitive in today’s labor market and keep employees engaged? Here are our favorite tips on decreasing turnover and maintaining a happy workforce.

4 common direct mail mistakes (and how you can avoid them)

We’ve talked many times on this blog about how direct mail can benefit you and your business, but let’s talk now about some of the common mistakes we see in direct mailing and how you can avoid them.

5 tips to make your business card more memorable

Business cards are one of the easiest and most affordable options for marketing and networking. They can quickly and efficiently communication information about your business and connect potential clients. Even the most basic of business cards has the potential to pay for themselves but there are ways to make your business card work harder for you. Here are our favorite tips for upgrading your business card.

CW Creative Wins VermontBiz’s Best of the Best 2022!

CW Creative is excited to announce our reception of the Vermont Business Magazine Best of the Best Award in the category of best commercial printer!

Quit Clutter and Increase Productivity

Clutter - especially on one's desk or workspace - may seem harmless and normal, just a part of your everyday work environment, but it is actually a problem that can harm your happiness and make you less successful. Clutter has been shown to have negative impact on the mind and increase stress. However, a quite way to boost your productivity and help clear you mind is to clear your space. Here are a few of our favorite tips to decrease everyday office clutter.

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