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How to Turn Negativity into Inspiration

Ever wondered what successful people had that you don’t have? You might have wondered sometimes why you didn’t have a resume or a list of accomplishments…


Here's Why Visual Communication Works

One thing that the internet and its soft copies can’t beat is the tangible feel of that hard copies have. Readers could look at your flyer, turn it over,…


Everyone is Looking to Save a Dollar... How to Use Discounts to Grow Sales

Looking to generate revenue and improve brand power? Offer a discount! Discounts are a great way to increase sales and place you one step ahead of the…


Don't Throw in the Towel

Down But Not Out You know what they say about baseball and life--the only difference between the two is perseverance. No matter how hard you try in the…


Customer Service in Action: A Personal Touch

Customer service is never more vitally important than it is when something goes amiss. Depending on the way your business handles the problem, you could…


Connecting Your Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Connecting your online and offline marketing initiatives is imperative for your business, no matter the industry you happen to be in. Many business people…


Brochures: An Incredibly Effective Marketing Tool

Brochures are incredibly effective marketing tools, and here are a few reasons why: Brochures Are Versatile Enough to Be Handy in Many Situations Ever…


4 Ways to Stop Your Team from Falling Apart

As a supervisor, you are probably familiar with the times when nothing seems to be going for your team--projects don’t come together, laughter feels forced,…


3 Opportunities for Better Customer Follow-up

Leaky Buckets Bring Lost Opportunities Business is all about relationships. And good relationships are built on effective communication. In today’s interconnected…


5 Meeting Rules You'll Actually Want to Adopt

On paper, meetings are supposed to be actionable, positive, focused, and critical--but that’s hardly the case in practice. Do your meetings have the spark…

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