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4 Reasons Businesses Should Send Holiday Cards

Hot cocoa, ugly sweaters, glittering lights - the winter holiday season is nearly upon us! Now is the time to order your holiday cards to send out to friends, family, and, most importantly - your customers!

Why Should Your Business Send Holiday Cards?

1. It's fun!

A holiday card is a wonderful opportunity to get your coworkers together (maybe even your coworkers' pets!) and decked out in festive attire for the perfect group photo moment. Having a holiday party? It's the ideal time for the group shot. Not planning a holiday party? Well here's your excuse to have one!

2. To reconnect with customers

Especially if your service is one customers use only once or twice a year, such as a dental office. It's a great chance to send out reminders about upcoming services due or coupons to use in the new year.

3. It's a great marketing opportunity

So much of marketing is just getting your name out there, reminding customers that your services are available. A festive card in their mailbox is an easy way to get back on their radar.

4. It's affordable

Holiday cards are an economical choice for marketing and come in a variety of sizes. Make your card as a postcard to save on postage! Holiday card packages start at just $39.99.


Holiday cards are an easy choice for wintertime marketing. Bring a smile to your customers faces and wish them a happy holiday from your business!  Contact us to get started today.

Happy Holidays from CW Print + Design.

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