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4 common direct mail mistakes (and how you can avoid them)

We’ve talked many times on this blog about how direct mail can benefit you and your business, but let’s talk now about some of the common mistakes we see in direct mailing and how you can avoid them.

4 common direct mail mistakes (and how you can avoid them)

1. Lacking defined goal
Direct mail should be part of your marketing plan and every plan should have goals set to be achieved, whether that be an increase in sales, a new product launch announcement or to drive visitors to your website, each piece of direct mail needs a goal to be measured against to demonstrate success.

2. Cluttered design
The value of white space cannot be overstated. It is critical to prevent to viewer from becoming overwhelmed and helps focus their attention on key text and graphics. It can be tempting to cram every piece of information you can possibly fit onto a single mailer, but in this case, less can be more.

3. Lacking a targeted audience
One of the aspects that make direct mail so useful its ability to target a specific audience but too commonly this aspect is ignored or not used to its full potential. Don’t waste your direct mailer – target a specific audience (potential customers, previous customers, customers in a specific geographical area or demographic, etc.) and tailor your marketing language specifically to them.

4. No call to action
The call to action – the call for your potential customers to take the next step – is an essential piece of any direct mail. Call upon your recipients to do what you want them to – whether that be visit your website, call for more information, or stop in-person to make their purchase.


Direct mail can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, especially when used to its full potential. Get started today with one of our design experts to put together your best direct mail piece yet.

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