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3 Ways Essential Oils Bring Sanity To Your Business During the Holidays

Essential Oils Elizabeth Davidson

Guest Post from Dr. Elizabeth Davidson

Essential oils? Really? Aren’t those some kind of hippie magic? When you use them, they can feel pretty magical. The results are quick and profound. But it’s really all about the science. Pure essential oils (don’t trust the labels, very few are actually pure, but I can help with that) are the aromatic compounds of the plants and they are where the medicinal value is stored. When you breathe them in, your olfactory nerve takes them to the thinking and emotional centers of your brain so you can set the tone for what you want to accomplish.

  1. Focus:
    Holiday season is hectic and as business professionals we are often juggling multiple people and projects. And available time seems to get concentrated, so getting the most out of the minutes is essential. For focusing on the task at hand and getting it done, I love to diffuse the Balance blend along with energizing peppermint and uplifting lemon. Rosemary for mental clarity is a nice addition too.

  2. Clean:
    Holiday season tends to involve being in contact with more people. Whether you have a storefront where people are coming in and out, or you’re working online, between clients, customers and family there are just more people around. My favorite to keep everything sanitized without using toxic things is the immune boosting OnGuard line of products. According to the NIH (National Institute of Health), this blend kills more bacteria and viruses than anything else they tested. And it smells like holiday baking, so whether you're diffusing the oil, having the hand soap and sanitizing wipes in your bathroom, or offering the hand sanitizer at the door, you and your people will be uplifted and sanitized all in one.

  3. Relaxed:
    This may be the most challenging piece to accomplish during the holiday season. Whether you have stressed out shoppers or family, or just yourself, adding a bit of relaxation makes holidays saner and smoother. Plus, relaxed shoppers are more lucrative for your business. My favorite blend for relaxing is the Adaptiv blend of oils that includes wild orange (abundance and calming the thoughts), lavender (soothing and relaxing), spearmint (clear communication), and copaiba (grounding and calming). It’s the oil that many of my business owner clients carry in their purse or pocket to keep them calm, steady and communicating clearly throughout every work day.

In conclusion, if you’re the kind of person who loves simple, affordable solutions, and you’re looking to have a sane and profitable holiday season, essential oils may be the answer. 

To learn more about how essential oils can benefit your business, set up a free consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Davidson. 

Dr. Elizabeth Davidson

About the Author:

Dr. Elizabeth Davidson is chiropractic doctor who combines brain and nerve health with plant medicine and lifestyle consulting to help you and your family improve your well-being on a foundational level. It’s holistic wellness in its true form: empowering you to nurture your physical, emotional, and financial well-being, which in turn causes a ripple effect around the world.

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