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3 Reasons People Aren't Buying from You (and what you can do about it!)


We've all been there - you have the right product for the market, you and your staff are passionate about what you do, create and sell, and you've been taking every marketing step imaginable, yet sales seem lacking. Why, when you're doing everything you can think of, aren't people buying? There are a range of possibilities and here are our top three with possible solutions.

Problem: Customers think the price is too high
Solution: Sell the value of your product or service

It's simply not possible - or even necessarily good business - for everyone to sell the cheapest product on the market and when you're not the person selling the cheapest, you need to sell on the value of your product, not just the price. Instead of marketing around price, market around the advantages of your company, of the quality, convenience, and customer service only you can uniquely provide. It's not about pricing yourself at the bottom rung, it's about providing value to your audience.

Problem: Decision Fatigue
Solution: Simplify

Yes, too many options can be a bad thing! It may seem like making everything customizable or providing extra options can help customers identify and make purchases specific to their own needs, but in truth customers are less likely to buy anything at all when they are too many choices to be made when purchasing. Prevent customers from becoming overwhelmed by simplifying the process of purchasing from you - identifying "customer favorites" and displaying them prominently or having customer service representatives to help walk customers through the decision making process can help relieve decision fatigue and make it easier for your customers to get in and out with what they need.

Problem: Lack of Reviews
Solution: Ask existing clients for testimonials

It's never been easier to research a business before visiting and, in fact, many people do just that before considering a business. Quality reviews can be the difference when attracting first-time customers, so encouraging your current clientele to make reviews should be one of the first steps when looking to boost sales, especially if your business has few public reviews available.


In today's world, it's especially important to make an impression, sell your value, and make purchasing as simple a process as possible for potential clients. Outreach and marketing yourself is crucial for sales and survival. Want help getting started with marketing? Contact us to get started today!

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